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Winterfest and Lightsabers removed from Fortnite

Winterfest and Lightsabers removed from Fortnite

Winterfest and Lightsabers removed from Fortnite

The end of the Lightsabers and Winterfest event is here in Fortnite. Thanks a hotfix by Epic Games this morning, both the Star Wars and winter events are gone. While these events were fun for a time, the novelty of their features had wiped out. At the highest of that list was the Lightsabers, which made most players groan whenever they heard its iconic sound.

Luckily for the community, they're now officially removed, as is Winterfest. However, in classic Epic Games fashion, a replacement bug has appeared after the newest hotfix.

Lightsabers and Winterfest leave Fortnite

While it had been leaked that Jan. 7 was the date the events would end in Fortnite, nothing is ever certain. Epic Games is somewhat infamous for pushing rear dates like we’re currently experiencing with Chapter 2 Season 1.

Nonetheless, both events are over in Fortnite, and we’re now left with the wait until Chapter 2 Season 2. It’s currently unknown when the new season will arrive, but we do realize it should start sometime in February. That said, there are no story-related elements introduced in Season 1 unless the snowstorms find yourself is important.

Either way, a majority of players are happy immediately with the removal of Lightsabers. However, if you continue to want to play with the Star Wars weapon, reports are coming therein they’ve been enabled in Creative mode.

New bug appears after hotfix

Like with most Fortnite patches, a fresh bug popped up after this morning’s hotfix. While nothing game-breaking, it's annoying for those that participated within the recent events. consistent with some Reddit users, all achievements earned during the Star Wars event are now gone.

Epic Games developers have commented on this issue and are conscious of the bug. It’s not clear when a fix will go live, but it’s unlikely to remain this manner for long.

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