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Samsung Reply to Fortnite Iris Skin

Samsung Reply to Fortnite Iris Skin

Samsung Reply to Fortnite Iris Skin

The leak of a replacement Fortnite skin has started rumors of Epic Games forming another partnership with Samsung. a previous collaboration occurred in 2018, with the promotional release of a Fortnite Galaxy skin. This limited skin, purple, and gold in color, was available to users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

It would not be surprising if Samsung and Fortnite repeated this collaboration thanks to past success. And by the way, Samsung has skilled the rumor, it sure seems something is within the works.

A look at the Iris skin

The leaked skin believed to be named “Iris,” maybe a female figure. From the image provided, the skin appears to be wearing a pink and orange hoodie. the colorful blue hair is covering a part of the face.

Fortnite Iris Skin

Officially, no statement has been made about whether this new skin may be a Samsung exclusive or when the skin is going to be released to Fortnite. Samsung did, however, provide a response to the rumor when questioned by a lover on Twitter, which, from its tone, does suggest a collaboration is coming. It might be argued that Samsung has used this leak to its advantage, as they need using their response to market their Galaxy Unpacked event on Feb. 11.

Fortnite updates invariably accompany new skins and cosmetics. With the leak of varied other skins to be added to Fortnite, it's unclear at now which of them are legitimate. An example of this is often the Metal Mouth skin that also appears to possess variants. Similarly, another version of this is often available within the sort of a skin rumored to be named Zadie. These variants appear to be available in white and yellow forms.

Metal Mouth skin

What do you think of the Iris skin and Metal Mouth skin? Let us know, and keep up with Fortnite Info for all your Fortnite coverage.

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