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New Fortnite Creative Map Liferun

New Fortnite Creative map Liferun

New Fortnite Creative Map "Liferun"

A new, innovative Fortnite Creative Mode map will make its debut at PAX South next weekend. Named ‘Liferun’, the new map focuses on Red Cross workers who plan to save other players while racing against the clock.

Reportedly, there are four different missions that the Red Cross workers can complete. Also within the mode maybe a helicopter, though it’s not known if players can fly it or not. Three content creators are going to be the primary to play the new map at PAX South on Jan. 19 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Fortnite Creative map Liferun Releasing at PAX South

Usually, Fortnite is all about eliminating other players. However, Liferun flips the script and makes it so you would like to save lots of lives instead. It’s a neat concept that ought to only increase the amazing lineup of current Fortnite Creative maps. Here’s the fast handout detailing how Liferun will work:

- “International Red Cross heroes racing across the world in four real-life missions to save lots of lives rather than take them.”

As stated, three content creators will fancy the PAX Arena Stage next week and debut Liferun for the primary time. Those creators include Ben “DrLupo” Lupo, Lachlan “Lachlan” Power, and Julie “ONE_shot_GURL”. It’s unknown if other creators will join them in-game or not.

Creative map Liferun

Life run, apart from saving players, will feature some past Fortnite items, just like the Hoverboard. While this is often great for Creative Mode, many players are asking why more modes like this can’t be introduced into Fortnite. Limited Time Modes of this nature usually re-evaluate extremely well, making fans wonder why Epic Games doesn’t release more.

Regardless, Life run seems like an excellent time with a fresh combat Fortnite. Fans should expect the map to be playable after PAX South debuts it to the planet.

What do you think of Liferun? Let us know, and keep up with Fortnite Info for all your Fortnite coverage.

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