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Fortnite Ziplines Now Vaulted

Fortnite ziplines now vaulted

Fortnite Ziplines Now Vaulted

Ziplines are vaulted in Fortnite, making them not available on the map. the favored sort of travel within the game can not be used thanks to exploits that were discovered.

It was announced via the Fortnite Status Twitter page that zip lines were temporarily disabled.

Multiple Exploits Found To Give Players An Advantage

Perhaps the foremost significant glitch was the power to fly up from the bottom when standing directly under a zipline. this might be done by looking up at the sky and selecting ‘interact’.

This allowed players to quickly get out of combat or use the zipline to travel in any direction. Additionally, an exploit was found where players could use a zipline as an alternate to coitus interruptus a glider when jumping out of the Battle Bus. As such, this can allow players to hit the bottom quicker.

This was thanks to the power to attach to the ziplines by looking downwards whilst flying above them. a 3rd glitch meant that structures might be destroyed as a result of a zipline. This glitch would occur when connecting to a zipline, whilst standing in water, causing explosions beneath a player’s feet.

Although it's unknown once they will return, a card regarding the difficulty has been made on the Fortnite Trello board. the difficulty has been marked as ‘important’ which it'll be ‘fixed within the next release.’

Fortnite fans also will be pleased to get that the present ‘use a zipline in several matches’ challenge is going to be complete. Therefore, players will still receive their XP rewards.

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