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Fortnite Pleasant Park Change When Season 2 Arrives

Fortnite Pleasant Park Change When Season 2 Arrives
Pleasant Park

Fortnite Pleasant Park Change When Season 2 Arrives

Epic Games has shown within the past it’s not afraid to completely destroy beloved POI locations in Fortnite. Throughout every seasonal event, there’s always a minimum of one Fortnite location that gets left behind.

Risky Reels, Anarchy Acres, and Flush Factory are just a couple of within the myriad of lost Fortnite POIs. However, there are a get few locations that have seen little or no change. one among these few, Pleasant Park, is a particularly popular POI, but there are hints that time to the situation preparing for an enormous change in Season 2.

Pleasant Park on the way out?

Throughout the seasons, Pleasant Park hasn’t seen many changes. The friendly neighborhood in Fortnite remains popular albeit it had been a neighborhood of the first-ever map. Although, a recent change to the POI could indicate some major changes coming. After Winterfest ended, the snow that covered the map melted, returning the map to its vibrant theme. However, Pleasant Park didn’t return to its full green shrubbery state.

Instead, the POI turned brown, which is what usually happens in the real world when the snow melts. Although, Fortnite isn’t the real world, as many other locations returned to their original state. Fortnite leaker @HYPEX has a picture showing this alteration.

As of immediately, Pleasant Park remains like this. It’s unclear if it's just Epic Games showing the snow’s effect or not. Season 2 of Fortnite is coming within the subsequent month, and around now's once we start to receive in-game signs on what the end-of-season event is going to be.

While this Pleasant Park change might be nothing, the timing of it's noteworthy. If Season 2 does actually launch without the world, it'll be the primary time that the POI won’t get on the Fortnite map.

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