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Fortnite introduces Ninja Skin And Pon-Pon Emote

Fortnite introduces Ninja Skin And Pon-Pon Emote

Fortnite introduces Ninja Skin And Pon-Pon Emote

The Fortnite v11.40 update launched today, and with it comes an all-new skin series. referred to as the Icon Series, these skins are going to be solely based around creators and influencers who have made an impression on Fortnite.

While some names are floating out there, Epic Games clearly had to start out with Fortnite‘s first celebrity. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins helped in putting Fortnite on the map together with his early dominance of the sport. For those efforts, he’s now being awarded a skin and emote of his signature Pon-Pon dance. The Ninja skin is going to be available within the Item Shop tomorrow.

Ninja Finally Receives His Own Skin In Fortnite

Although Ninja already had the Plunger harvesting tool, that was never solely based around him. For the last two years, Ninja and his clique are joking about the likelihood of his own skin. Now, it’s finally a reality.

The skin matches what Ninja’s brand has been about since he began to produce various sorts of merchandise. the colorful blue hair with the yellow headband immediately screams Ninja, as does his logo on the side of the jacket.

As aforementioned, this is often a neighborhood of the new Icon Series. Throughout the foreseeable future, Fortnite will release new skins based around different creators’ likenesses. It’s stated that anyone from gaming, music, film, and fashion is eligible to be featured within the Icon Series.

As we will see from the tweet, Australian streamer Loserfruit and Team Heretics owner Greg also will be within the Icon Series. Although, it’s unknown when those two influencers are going to be making their skin debut.

You can purchase the Ninja skin, alongside, the Pon-Pon emote, within the Item Shop tomorrow, Jan. 16. the things are going to be available for purchase until Sunday, Jan. 20. the worth of every item isn't yet known.

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