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Fortnite: Swimming or running, which is faster?


In Chapter 2 of Fortnite, you can now swim! But is it faster than running?

Among the major new features of Chapter 2 of Fortnite, it is now possible to swim, but also to pilot boats! These new means of travel allow players to move differently, but is it faster than just running? To escape the storm, is it better to run or find a boat?

Swimming or running, which is the fastest in Fortnite?


So now you can swim in Fortnite, and you can even swim faster with the Dolphin technique, which consists of quickly pressing the space bar twice! But is it faster than running? What difference does it make when there is power and when there is no power? A player summarized all these statistics in one image!

Fortnite: Swimming or running, which is faster?

We can see on this visual that the average running speed is 5.47 meters per second, which is almost equivalent to the average swimming speed, which is 5.48 m/s. However, this varies according to the current. The current will make you swim much faster, unlike the counter-current which will slow you down! Your swimming speed will also vary if you use the Dolphin technique, which will make you go much faster unless you are against the current.

As for boats, their speed is always higher than that of running or swimming, and it is not affected by the current! It is, therefore, preferable to use a boat when you have the opportunity.

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