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Fortnite: Mythical Golden Fish, how to fish it and catch it


If you are lucky, you may have come across the Mythical Golden Fish in Fortnite! We give you all the information about this object.

With the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2, new features are available in the game, and it is now possible to fish! You can fish for weapons but also for fish, one of which has a particularity, it is the Mythic Golden Fish, and it is very complicated to fish it!

The Mythical Golden Fish, how to catch it?


If you fish in Fortnite, you have probably encountered weapons or fish very often. Among these fish, we can find the Fry, the Fish, and the Bleuvageon... but not only! Recently, players have discovered the Golden Mythic Fish, which is very complicated to fish. If you want to come across it, you'll need to arm yourself with a good fishing rod and a lot of patience, because it has a drop rate of 0.0001%, which makes one in a million chances of getting it!

If it is so rare, it is also because it is a very powerful weapon. Once you have caught the fish, you can use it by throwing it at enemies or buildings. On buildings, this will totally destroy them, and on enemies, it will inflict at least 90 points of damage! Some players believe that the weapon can even inflict up to 200 points of damage.

Mythical Golden Fish

However, once you launch it, you must pick it up again so that it can be returned to your inventory. If you don't pick it up soon enough, an opposing player could take it and use it against you!

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