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Fortnite: A Harpoon Gun As A New Weapon


A new weapon will soon arrive in Fortnite: the Harpoon Rifle.

Fortnite: A Harpoon Gun As A New Weapon

The update 11.10 comes on Fortnite and Epic Games has modified the files of its game! Among the new features, the data miners have found a new weapon that should appear soon. This weapon is a harpoon rifle (or pistol)!

A Harpoon rifle in Fortnite

This harpoon rifle has been found by many data miners like Lucas7yoshi. He would have found in the files all the information relating to the weapon, such as its description, damage, etc. This is not the first time a harpoon is available in the game, Epic Games added one during the Batman event and we all remember the Grapple that allowed us to climb the mountains during Chapter 1 of Fortnite.


Here, the harpoon is different because it inflicts damage and, instead of bringing us to a place, brings an opponent back to us.

Information on the Harpoon Rifle

  • Attracts enemies to you and inflicts damage on them
  • Reloading time: 14 seconds
  • Charger size: 10
  • Damage to players: 15
  • Rarity: Rarity (?)

We don't know yet when this weapon will arrive in the game if it will actually arrive. As you know, these are leaks from the game's files and the publisher does not always add everything to Fortnite. But logically, the Harpoon Rifle should be released in Fortnite on Tuesday, November 5, the usual date for updates.

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