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Fortnite: A Gun Fright, Halloween Game Mode Info and Nightmares


A new game mode is coming up with the Halloween Nightmares event in Fortnite: A Gun Fright by BluDrive.

Fortnite: A Gun Fright, Halloween Game Mode Info and Nightmares

The Fortnitemares update for Halloween has arrived on Fortnite and with it, a ton of new features! Epic Games has decided to release the great game for the patch note 11.10 since three new game modes are appearing: the Crucible and the Gun Fright.

We had already been able to play Le Creuset mode a few months ago but the Gun Fright is totally new and was created by the BluDrive community.

Gun Fright, what's in Fortnite?

This is a temporary game mode developed by the BluDrive community.
The operation is quite simple:
Two teams of two players compete in a Bo7 (the first with four wins).
But if you want to read all the rules, it happens below:

Description of the Gun Fright

  • Which Duo will triumph in this two-on-two championship battle?
  • All players start each round with the same randomly defined equipment
  • The first duo to win four sets wins the game.

The game takes place in a closed arena with two random weapons and a consumable. An area is gradually shrinking, forcing the fight and preventing camping. Note that you can play weapons that no longer exist in the Royal Battle of Fortnite, enough to remember some memories!

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