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Fortnite: Combine Mode For Nightmares, All The Information


With patch 11.10, Combine mode is back in Fortnite! A little different this time, discover all the information about this mode.

Patch 11.10 has just been released in Fortnite, and new modes are available in the Halloween event, Nightmares. Among these modes, The King of the Storm returns, The game Shivering Fight arrives, and the Combine mode makes its comeback! 
Some modifications have been made to it, to make it more nightmarish.

Combine, Return of The Game Mode to Fortnite

Face your fears in the Combine! This game mode, which already appeared in season 10 with the patch 10.40, is coming back in this new Chapter. 
Some modifications have been made to it so that it will be in the Halloween theme!

This mode allows players to sharpen their skills by eliminating targets and reaching the top of the rankings on a timed course. The goal is to put the players' skills and reflexes to the test, by achieving the best possible score to be the winner of this game mode. Classification is performed, differentiating mouse/keyboard, controller and touch. This is a single-player mode, so it will not be possible to play with your friends. However, you can confront them by trying to score better than them.

It is recommended to practice a little before throwing a game, so as not to make a bad score. Besides, some players have already been able to test it in season 10 and therefore already have some experience in this mode. If you haven't tested it, you'll have to adapt and learn quickly to be the best!

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