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Fortnite: A Trailer for Season 11



Fortnite Season 11 is coming soon, and Epic Games has just released an animation that could have a link with the new season!

This Sunday, October 13 ends the 10th season of Fortnite, and an event should take place around 20h! Regarding the event or even season 11, we have so far little information from Epic Games. Could it be that a trailer about it has come out?

A Fortnite trailer on Twitter

With the upcoming arrival of season 11, players scrutinize any information they may have about it on the networks, from Epic Games. If for the moment we know nothing outside the end date of season 10, an animation has just been posted on the official account of Fortnite!

In the trailer we see Jonesy, the default skin, arrive in the fight bus filled with pumpkin skins! One of them calls him, and he goes to sit next to him. The tweet says "Jonesy arrives a little late in the fight bus and makes a new friend. ". The trailer is a little surprising because it does not recall any of the leaks we have had on season 11 at the moment, and it does not seem to have any connection with the end event.

So it could just be a new trailer for the game, or a preview of what Halloween is going to be like in Fortnite this year! Every year this festival is very celebrated, the editor customizes Fortnite totally, with among others new skins and a decoration of the map.

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