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Fortnite Season 11: Release Date and Start, all Info



Fortnite Season 10 is coming to an end, and will soon make way for Season 11! We give you all the information on this new season: release date, new map, in short, we summarize everything!

Fortnite Season 10 is coming to an end, and it should end next week with an important event! This tenth season has been outstanding in the game, with the arrival of the B.R.U.T.E, the merger between Moisty Mire and Paradise Palms and more recently the partnership with Batman!

Season 11 will soon begin, bringing many changes in the game that we propose to discover. Beware, all this information is just rumors and leaks, nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games


October 13, date of season 11 of Fortnite?

The date of season 11 has not yet been officially announced by Epic Games, but players and data-miners all agree that it should begin after the end-of-season event, which is Sunday 13 October, if we believe the different countdowns present in the game.

A new map in Fortnite in season 11?

The main change of this season 11 could be the map, which would be completely modified or even replaced. Recently, 13 new city names have leaked, such as Frenzy Farm or Weeping Woods, supporting this assumption.

A brand new card has also leaked on twitter recently, but we assume it is wrong. The tweet was quickly deleted, the map only takes a few new names of cities, and old cities are still present in this image. But that gives us an idea of what a new map of Fortnite might look like!

A new map in Fortnite in season 11

The modified combat bus?

In Fortnite, when you start the game, you start in a fight bus, which then parachutes you on the map of the game. This bus exists since the beginning of the game, but it could well be that its end is near!

With the temporary mission "Last Stop", a loading screen was to win. On the latter, we can see players say goodbye to the bus fight. If we do not know the real meaning of this gesture, some players have speculated that the battle bus may well disappear in season 11, and would be replaced by another way of landing on the map!

NEW Combat Bus

The disappearance of B.R.U.T.E in season 11 of Fortnite?

The Brutes are these mecha-shaped vehicles that have been much talked about during this tenth season. They are very strong in the game because they are controllable by two people and have two weapons: a missile launcher and a shotgun. Many players have tried to convince Epic Games to remove them, but apart from a nerve, the publisher has not responded to this request!

Good news for the players: the Brute should disappear in Season 11! Data miners have discovered an image in the files of the game, representing the Brute infected with a virus in some places. There have also been explosions of Brutes in the game lately, which confirms that the Brute should be removed from the game next season.


A tutorial to help beginners

The last novelty of this season 11 would be the addition of a tutorial in Fortnite, to help beginners quickly understand the mechanics of the game This tutorial would be in the form of temporary mode, and teach new players the basics of the game. In 25 steps, this tutorial will teach players how to move, jump, open chests, and many other items needed to play correctly!

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