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Fortnite: A Tutorial in Season 11 in The Game


Fortnite: A tutorial in season 11 in the game?

For new players, a tutorial may be available in season 11 of Fortnite, allowing them to learn the basics of the game!

Fortnite is one of the most played games in the world today, and every day new players install and discover it! Fortnite players can be quite young, they do not necessarily have the basics of video games to quickly understand the mechanics of the game This could change in season 11, thanks to the discovery of a data-miner.

A tutorial in Fortnite?

For many players, Fortnite is the first game they discover, and the mechanics can be complicated when you have no concept of the game. It is necessary to have bases to be able to manage autonomously on the game, and not to give up on the first parts.

A leak occurred recently on the Twitter account of a data miner, and he explains that a Tutorial could well be released in season 11 on Fortnite!

This tutorial, as a temporary mode, teaches new players the basics of the game. Several info about this model:

  • The gain of XP would be disabled.
  • The mode would only be available for new players.
  • Can not join the mode with friends
  • It would be possible to respawn.
  • A special map would be available for this model.
  • A progress bar would be displayed to show the progress of the tutorial.
  • The tutorial would be divided into 25 steps (learn to move, jump, build, open chests, etc.) 

New players could, therefore, compensate for their shortcomings with this tutorial, and have a better understanding of the game. This tutorial will obviously not allow you to have a good level of play from the beginning, it will take a lot to train for that later!

We will keep you informed if this leak confirms and this new model is born in Fortnite.

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